Hammers, Nails, and Alt-Left Fairy Tales | The Daily Dose – 8/24/2017

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Hammers, Nails, and Alt-Left Fairy Tales | The Daily Dose – 8/24/2017


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An Alt-left hoard, obligatory ‘Trump = Nazi’ signs in hand, filled the streets around the Phoenix Convention Center Tuesday to protest a rally being held there by the President. To no one’s surprise, the protests eventually turned violent.

Following the rally, members of the anti-Trump crowd threw rocks and gas canisters at police and some assaulted rally attendees as they attempted to leave the area. Police responded with pepper-spray balls, smoke canisters, and flashbangs of their own. The police department now says this use of non-lethal force to disperse the crowd will be investigated.

Since the violent altercations between the ‘alt-right’ and ‘alt-left’ in the streets of Charlottesville, Va at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally August 12th, the media has actively sought to legitimize the alt-left’s violence. With headlines like, “Antifa: The Group that Fought White Supremacists in Charlottesville”  and CNN’s “Unmasking the Leftist Antifa Movement: Activists Seek Peace Through Violence“, the alt-left’s use of violence against their political enemies is portrayed as understandable, acceptable, and, dare I say, noble. (FYIThe title of the latter article has since been changed, likely due to the sharp and widespread criticism it garnered) 

CNN stupid headline

Other CNN commentators voiced their support of the group on Twitter following President Trump’s recent row with the media over Charlottesville, during which he maintained that both sides were at fault for the violence that ensued there.

Evidently, the mainstream media would have the public believe that groups like Antifa are comparable to American soldiers who stormed the beach at Normandy in WWII; Just a group of heroic patriots bravely fighting monstrous Nazi foes.

However, it would appear that Antifa does not share in this appraisal of the patriotic motivations behind their movement.

So much for CNN’s insinuations of Antifa’s alleged patriotic battle to defend America against ‘Nazis’.  That’s fake news.

Antifa and the alt-left are violent communist revolutionaries bent on the destruction of the Western culture and it’s social and political systems. Their ‘Punch a Nazi’ rhetoric is nothing more than a public pretense for their politically motivated violence. Saying ‘We’re fighting Nazis’ somehow just sounds better than, ‘We’re fighting a communist revolution and will violently silence anyone who voices opposition to our ideology or political aims”. The alt-left isn’t anti-fascist, they’re pro-communist.

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The alt-left’s ‘anti-fascist’ slogans provide a virtue-signaling veneer for their anarcho-communist (an oxymoron) violence. Like all virtue-signaling pablum, it’s long on moral grandstanding and woefully short on virtuous motivations. 

You don’t have to look farther than the video that has emerged from the protest events of recent weeks to see these virtue-signaling mobs hard at work confronting ‘fascists’ in the streets.

This video taken at the Boston Free Speech rally last Saturday, shows a hoard of alt-left counter protesters surrounding a man holding a sign that read, ‘Fuck Nazis. Fuck Antifa. D.J. Trump 2020’.


He dared to equate Nazis and Antifa, a thought-crime that would not be tolerated. At the beginning of the video, a man yells, “One side’s trying to stop Nazis, you idiot!”. Of course, he nor anyone else in the crowd ever coherently explains what their definition of ‘Nazi’ is. Instead, an angry mob begins to form around the man and repeatedly accuses him of being a racist because he supports Donald Trump. A man asks, ‘So you support Donald Trump, right?’ Yes. ‘And you’re against Nazis?’ I am. ‘That don’t make sense’, another member of the crowd interjects.  Members of the growing mob insist that Trump supports Nazis. The man with the sign asks for evidence to support this claim several times, is mocked for doing so, and ultimately told to, ‘Shut the fuck up!’.

How strange that a crowd of people who are supposedly committed to ‘trying to stop Nazis’ can’t seem to offer any evidence which indicates that Donald Trump supports Nazis or even give a realistic assessment of what a ‘Nazi’ is. They virtue-signal with their zombie-like ‘fuck white nationalists’ chants and signs saying “White Privilege is real’ and ‘End White Terrorism’,  yet offer no evidence to support their assertions.

So who are these vile ‘Nazis’ and evil white supremacists the alt-left in America are so bravely ‘smashing’ on behalf of the oppressed?

The elderly woman who was dragged on the ground by an alt-left protester in Boston when she refused to let go of the American flag she was holding – clearly a ‘white terrorist’. Another elderly woman who was knocked to the ground and laughed at by masked Antifa thugs  during the Portland Free Speech rally in June – ‘white privilege’ to be sure. The black Trump supporter who was suckerpunched by an Anti-Trumper as he attempted to leave the Phoenix Convention Center Tuesday night – just the alt-left showing how much black lives matter to them.

Police officers are also included in the alt-left’s vague definition of ‘Nazi’ as evidenced by the numerous violent attacks against them by alt-left extremists. For example, Portland police were attacked by Antifa members who used slingshots to pelt them with balloons filled with urine and feces. During that same so-called ‘protest’ back in June, police confiscated a multitude of other weapons from alt-left ‘peace activists’ like bricks, clubs, chains, and hammers.

Even a Pennsylvania State Police horse named Samson was assaulted with a nail-studded pole by an Antifa member at the March Against Sharia rally. Although mentally incapable of the complex thought processes needed to form anything resembling a racist ideology, Samson evidently still qualified as a Nazi.

The alt-left’s definition of ‘Nazi’ is purposefully broad and intentionally vague. Through constant accusations of racism and bigotry against their ideological opponents, they have created a fairy tale America in which bands of Nazis are marching through the land, cleverly disguised as Donald Trump supporters. The alt-left creates imaginary ‘Nazis’ to justify their own use of fascist tactics against anyone who opposes them.

That brings us back to the near lynch mob surrounding ‘Fuck Nazis’ guy. Triggered by his sign which equated Nazis with Antifa, the mob descended to publicly shame the thought-criminal. During the nearly nine minute video, all the man does is express that he supports free speech, Donald Trump, and disapproves of both Nazis and Antifa. The mob insists that both he and Donald Trump are racist Nazi sympathizers, yet give no specific examples or evidence of how either claim is correct. Finally, thought criminal guy says, “Fuck Nazis, but also fuck the Antifa who use fascist tactics to get what they want”.

Boston Free Speech

Cue the outrage orchestra. The crowd begins loudly chanting ‘Fuck Trump’. When this fails to silence the man, the mob begins to chant ‘drown him out’, ‘drown him out’, ‘drown him out’. From this point on, the crowd begins to look more and more like an angry mob, and by the end of the video, this one guy is literally surrounded by an avalanche of triggered snowflakes.

He had equated Antifa with Nazis, and indeed suggested that one group is no better than the other. This is a serious thought-crime against the alt-left’s ‘we’re morally justified in anything we do because we’re fighting Nazis’ groupthink. The alt-left social justice mob desperately needs to preserve this imaginary moral high ground they have constructed for themselves in order to justify their ongoing campaign of social and political upheaval through violence. The guy with the sign publicly challenged this narrative and had to be drowned out.

Along with their allies in the mainstream media, groups like Antifa have carefully crafted a twisted fairy tale in which dissent is dangerous and MAGA hats are white sheets; An alternate universe in which ‘Nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’ have infiltrated America, and the alt-left are brave defenders of the persecuted, willing to selflessly march out and defend them from these fascist foes.

Of course, none of this is true.

The alt-left is a group of idiot social justice warriors and communist revolutionaries CosPlaying as ‘anti-fascists’ while relying on intimidation, censorship, and violence to achieve their far-left social and political aims.

That is Facism.

‘Alt-left’ revolutionary groups like Antifa are not moral or heroic, they’re moronic and violent. They are the real fascist threat facing America, and their hateful, violent ideology needs to be publicly unmasked for the authoritarian evil it is.




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