Charlottesville : An Open Letter | The Daily Dose – 8/14/2017

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Charlottesville : An Open Letter | The Daily Dose – 8/14/2017



By now you’re no doubt aware of the “Unite the Right” rally last Saturday in Charlottesville, VA and the violence and mayhem that ensued there when alt-right protesters clashed in the streets with members of AntiFa, BLM, and other left-wing activist groups. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of buzz words and phrases like “Nazi”, “racist”, “white supremacist”, etc. dominating the news headlines and clogging social media feeds. You’ve probably also seen fingers of blame pointing everywhere from neo-Nazis to Republicans to Donald Trump himself (predictably).

Perhaps the only thing you haven’t seen much of is honest discussions about the real roots of this cancer of political violence spreading through America. For all the stated concern of politicians, celebrities, and social media lefties I would think they’d be highly concerned with searching for the root cause of this disease. Maybe then we could find a cure. Sadly, the rhetoric seems long on empty virtue signaling and short on solutions.

If there is to be a solution to this problem, Americans must begin to openly and honestly discuss the issues underlying the violence if there is to be any hope of stopping it. This problem is not actually rooted in left-wing mob violence, nor is it rooted in right-wing nationalism. The real problem is far less discussed, yet far more dangerous than any gang of torch-bearing alt-righters or mob of brick throwing social justice activists. The problem is far more insidious and represents a growing fracture in the bedrock upon which civilized society rests. The problem is language, and the lack of it.

The increasing problem of politically motivated violence in America is largely rooted in a manipulation of language of one kind or another. The hyperbolic ‘punch a Nazi’ rhetoric of the left has engendered a political environment in which a ‘Nazi is anyone with whom I have a differing opinion’. Their cultural Marxism, cloaked in the guise of political correctness, has fostered a culture of socially enforced suppression of non-leftwing political speech. Worse, their violent rhetoric has created actual violence against their political opponents. In response, their conservative opponents, more of whom are increasingly placed under the ever-widening banner of ‘alt-right’, are now responding by refusing to be silenced. Sadly, some are now responding with violent action of their own.

While Americans are at war in the streets over largely manufactured grievances, the politically powerful and their allies in the media rub their hands with glee as America hangs herself in the noose they have slowly slipped around her neck.

This is an open letter to all three of these groups: The left, the right, the political elite and their media lap-dogs. I consider the last two so intimately intertwined that I’m choosing to treat them as a singular entity. If I am to name a root cause, or ‘patient zero’ if you will, in America’s increasingly dangerous march toward a civil war, it would be the mainstream media. However, the media merely functions as a mouthpiece for the rich and powerful. The two depend on one another. In its current sorry state, I don’t believe the mainstream media could exist without the buzzword filled propaganda provided them by the elite political class, nor could that class retain their status and the power without the near total cooperation of the mainstream media and hollywood. The two have a symbiotic relationship in which they help to ensure one another’s survival.

I have no illusions of anyone, let alone me, reasoning with those in the elite classes I’ve mentioned. I’m fairly certain most of that class of people is beyond reasoning with on these matters. The media are full of unsuspecting, useful idiots who will gladly light the fires of civil unrest on behalf of those in power. In so doing, they will bring about their own destruction, and the salacious narratives they pedal will be their own undoing.

To the media,

I’ll bet many of you are pretty happy about all of this. ‘Yeah! Punching Nazi’s is great’. It’s great for ratings, huh? So I’m just going to ask, is this what you wanted? People beating each other in the streets. Is this the kind of society you intend to create for all of us to be forced to live in; a society where people no longer use their words to disagree but instead use fists, bricks, and even speeding cars to express their ideological differences with one another.

Is this what you wanted?

Charlottesville crash

Though a man named James Fields, Jr. is responsible for the death of Heather Heyer, the media’s collective race-baiting and over the top rhetoric surrounding race in America created the conditions which resulted in this tragedy. The news media’s hands may not as drenched in blood as those of Fields, but many among their ranks have quite a few stains on their headline-typing fingers.

When you normalize violence, violence results. You have systematically built a culture of violence in America atop a narrative of victimization, supposed exploitation, and constantly allege that everything  and everyone white is racist. In turn, naive people swallow your narrative, forego reason and debate, and take to the streets, ready to wage war against anyone who isn’t with them. When questioned at protests, many can’t even articulate why they’re protesting. They can’t name specific offenses, all they know is they’re offended.

That’s because many believe whatever they’re told by you. Worse still than the lies you tell them are the truths you don’t. You talk a lot about violent ‘right-wing’ extremists, yet never seem to talk about left-wing violence, like the numerous attacks on Donald Trump supporters that occurred at rallies throughout his presidential campaign. You rage against neo-Nazis and white supremacists, yet never seem to express such outrage at the neo-Marxist, black supremacist movement, Black Lives Matter.

You have collectively created a culture in which the last acceptable form of racism is racism against white people. In so doing, you have created a generation of perpetually victimized, hate-filled, and increasingly violent left-wing activists on a crusade to effectively evict white people from every aspect of American life and culture.

What did you think the eventual response of whites would be? Did you think there would never be pushback? A violent response to the violent mob forming against them. Was it not obvious to all of you that your hyperbolic rhetoric would eventually lead to real world violence?

Or was violence the plan all along?

Just know that what you’re doing has devastating consequences. You are encouraging bloodshed and directly aiding in the destruction of our freedoms. The powerful are using you as a tool to create unrest which they can then respond to by removing more of our civil liberties – namely our right to assemble peacefully and speak freely. When that happens freedom of the press won’t be far behind.

Don’t assume that just because you’re in the good graces of the elite now, that it means you always will be. As the State’s grip on civil liberties tightens, their need for your Chicken Little style of alarmist screeching lessens considerably. You’re nothing more than useful idiots for the real powers that be in the world, and you’ll no doubt be summarily discarded when you’re deemed no longer useful to their aims.

Perhaps one day it will be the mainstream media who is labeled an enemy of that very State whose totalitarian aims you’re so happily supporting.

If you don’t have the moral integrity to care about the damage you’re doing to the nation and its people, at least have the good sense to care about your own wellbeing. The harder you push this agenda to divide the nation through contrived hatred and forced silence, the closer you move toward your own destruction.

Remember that.


To activists on the left,

You’ve been lied to and you are being used. You have been told that America is a land of white privilege, forced inequality, institutional racism, and the streets are brimming with neo-Nazis and white supremacists identifiable by the MAGA hats on their heads.

None of this is true.

This is a narrative that has been presented to you time and time again through every conceivable medium. Yet, I challenge you to find any solid empirical evidence that backs up these claims. I seriously doubt you will.

First of all, the disparity in life outcomes between racial groups is not the result of some white privilege boogeyman. Such group inequalities can more easily be explained by disparities in individual life choices. Take single motherhood, for example. 72% of black children are now born to single mothers. For whites this number is 29%. Children of single mothers are more likely to live in poverty, commit a disproportionate amount of crime, and girls of single mothers are more likely to be single mother’s themselves. This in turn has created generational crime and poverty in the black community. Single motherhood is one of the biggest predictors for all sorts of negative life outcomes and it is, generally speaking, a personal choice. You can’t just blame the white race for poor life decisions among individuals within minority groups.

Many of the disparate life outcomes you perceive to be the fault of ‘institutionalized racism’, are in fact the result of poor individual choices and irresponsible behavior. I’m not saying that single motherhood is the only thing that’s causing life-outcome disparities between blacks and whites, but it’s statistically likely to be an enormous factor.

By the way, even if there are racists lurking around every corner, decades-old anti-discrimination law like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legally prohibit them from the sort of racial discrimination that could rightly be called institutional.

I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist in America. It absolutely does. I’m merely pointing out that institutional discrimination and ‘white privilege’ is not the cause of every ill within minority communities.

And, FYI, ‘white privilege’ is just a tool to exclude white people from any serious discussions involving race related issues. Prevailing narratives about racism and inequality then exist in an echo chamber and there’s never any real communication happening between the races about these issues.

The truth is you are being used as pawns to perpetuate through violence an ideology that lost on the battleground of ideas decades ago. You are being used to facilitate a communist uprising on behalf of powerful people with an agenda to control and, if necessary, to crush us all.

Communist systems rely on social and political upheaval, a civil war so to speak, for their establishment. In this case, the revolution is a race war rather than a class war, but the ultimate outcome of the totalitarian communist system you are promoting remains the same; everyone is entitled to an equal share of misery. Do you really want to be used as foot soldiers and cannon fodder for the propagation of such a thing?

Communism is responsible for over 100 million deaths in the last century – 50 + million in the Soviet Union alone. Communism, honored by the hammer and sickle flags so proudly on display by AntiFA in Charlottesville, is responsible for far more death and misery than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis could have dreamed of taking credit for. I just don’t understand how one can decry the evils of Fascism as they march beneath a hammer and sickle.


You are promoting a murderous ideology that seeks to place us all under the crushing boot of authoritarian State power. Do not think that when that boot comes down on MAGA-hatted right-wing heads that it will not also come down on the black masked faces of left-wing activists and agitators. Just like the media, you are useful idiots who will be cast off when your masters deem you to no longer serve a purpose.

Charlottesville just further proved that the left is full of these useful idiots. Can you not see that it’s you who are creating the ‘Nazis’ you claim to be marching against? By saying things like, ‘All white people are racist’ and generally espousing the idea that the white man is to blame for all the world’s ills, you have engendered an enormous amount of resentment among whites (particularly men). The flames of this resentment have been continuously stoked by the rhetoric of left-wing politicians, the media, and everyday lefties alike.

Now that fire is rising.

It is you on the left and your pals in the MSM who have created this American ‘whitelash’ as you like to call it. Through baseless accusations of privilege, bigotry, and hate you have created the very monsters you tell yourselves you’re fighting. If you’re fighting them, why do you constantly legitimize what they’re saying by trying to stifle their speech? When you de-platform people, you announce that you can’t win the argument. When you refuse to debate, the other side wins by default. When you use violence against people with whom you disagree, you merely prove that you’re not intelligent enough to use your words to reason with them.

By using violence as a means to de-platform the opposition and effectively shut down events like the Unite the Right, you actually help their cause. By attempting to marginalize them and drive them underground, you’re only recruiting more converts to their way of thinking.

If their ideas are so wrong and abhorrent, then by all means, let them speak so that people can hear their bad ideas and openly contradict them with better ideas. That’s how people must live together if society is to be civilized. We exchange ideas, and through reason and intelligent debate, the bad ideas can be weeded out and the good ideas put into practice; and under no circumstances can we use our fists during the course of the debate. That is savagery.

Either we will reason with one another or we will assault one another. There will either be words, or there will be fists. There is no other option. Ask yourself, which do you prefer?


To activists on the right,

You are walking into a trap.

The Charlottesville Unite the Right rally was a small gathering of mostly fringe elements of the right-wing in America, but their actions and viewpoints will be used by the media to smear anyone politically to the right of Joseph Stalin. The media have long labored to mingle mainstream conservatives with neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and other such fringe elements under the umbrella of ‘alt-right’.

The media is well aware that the majority of the public rarely looks much deeper than the headlines on any event, and Charlottesville is no exception. The headlines are full of ‘right-wing’ buzzwords and race-baiting phrases which, taken in their entirety, can be roughly translated as; right-wing = evil racists.

It doesn’t matter if your particular brand of right-wing ideology doesn’t support the racially charged ideologies of the Unite the Right attendees. It doesn’t matter that you are not actually a racist; you will be labeled racist by association.

Right-wing political movements like the alt-right have allowed themselves to be so triggered by the vitriolic rhetoric of the left that many members have embraced ideologies like white nationalism. In large part, I think the rise of white identitarian movements like those within the alt-right is a reaction to the constant anti-white bigotry spewed by the left and the media. Reaction or not, the alt-right’s growing embrace of divisive and discriminatory ideologies like white nationalism is an inexcusable response.

Ideologies like white nationalism run contrary to the conservative values the alt-right often claims to uphold – Individualism, meritocracy, and freedom. White nationalism focuses on groups rather than individuals and in-group favoritism over rewarding genuine merit. It is illiberal, anti-individual, and runs counter to the Western values they claim to be fighting to preserve.

Like all forms of identity politics, white identitarianism is a cancer on public discourse and society at large, and I am staunchly opposed to it.

The alt-right has become to conservatives what social justice warriors are to liberals; A hoard of triggered, emotional zealots whose rhetorical hyperbole is perhaps only outmatched by their deep hypocrisy.

Thanks to racially charged, largely white nationalist events like the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, everyone right of center will be labeled a right-wing bigot. To those involved in or applauding this event, do you really think this has helped your cause in any way? Do you think honestly think that marching in the streets with torches chanting ‘blood and soil’ and ‘hail victory’ is a good advertisement for your movement? It seems to me you’re more keen on advertising for the left with photos like this – Pure anti-conservative gold.

Charlottesville torches

If you believe this fiasco was a good thing, you’re completely delusional.

The chaos surrounding Charlottesville will have a ripple effect on American civil liberties as it pertains to our ability to speak freely and protest openly. I understand that years of grievances and hostilities sparked this rally, some of them legitimate and worthy of discussion. However, I also know that histrionic, attention-seeking public displays wherein you openly brand yourselves as stereotypical ‘angry white guys’ is not going to encourage society as a whole to address or even acknowledge those grievances.

All you have done is publicly de-legitimize any legitimate arguments you may have. Thanks to your theatrics and the machinations of media, this debacle will be used to smear and de-legitimize anything and anyone on the right side of the political spectrum.

For God’s sake, it was called the “Unite the Right” rally. That doesn’t sound like a fringe event. It sounds decidedly mainstream, and that is how it will be portrayed by the media, despite the fact that the alt-right represents a small part of the right-wing of American politics.

What did these white nationalists and Neo-Nazis within the alt-right really accomplish with the Unite the Right rally? Moving America closer toward civil unrest, and further still from our ability to reason with one another.

Just like leftwing activists, you’re being used as pawns to advance the nefarious agenda of revoking civil liberties in America. You have just walked into a trap and you’re taking the entire country with you.

In conclusion

For the record, I am not a progressive leftist, nor am I alt-right. I am not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I am not an ideologue.

Simply put, I believe in liberty, and there can be no liberty apart from free speech. I believe in open and honest debate. I believe that no society can survive, much less thrive, in the absence of freedom of assembly and civil discourse. I believe that, as a people, we have lost our ability to debate with logic, reason, and evidence. Instead, people mindlessly chant slogans, tweet endless streams of buzzwords, and often vilify the speaker as opposed to addressing the argument.

In short, American politics is the land of the emotionally overwrought and the perpetually triggered.

I do not believe that America is an institutionally racist country, nor do I believe in the alt-right’s increasingly racially charged responses to these erroneous allegations. People on all sides are increasingly allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by emotion and ruled by fear. We must bring civil discourse back to the public square.

I was listening to a Don Henley song yesterday, and these lyrics struck me as particularly poignant with regards to the rise of political violence in America :

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, but now those skies are threatening. They’re beating plowshares into swords for this tired old man that we elected king. Armchair warriors often fail and we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales…

|Don Henley – The End of the Innocence |

Americans are living under a dark cloud of animosity and hatred created by the mainstream media on behalf of those in power. We are beating our plowshares into swords and raising them against our neighbors because a bunch of power-hungry elites and media hacks have poisoned us against each other with fairy tales about white privilege, institutional racism, and the perpetually victimized.

I implore all of you, put away your weapons and return to reasoning with one another. Beat your swords into plowshares once more for, “all who draw the sword, will die by the sword”. (matt 26:52)


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Philosopher and political commentator Stefan Molyneux talks to The Rebel Media‘s Faith Goldy about the tragic political violence she witnessed at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA last weekend.

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Faith Goldy's raw footage of driver mowing down counter-protestors at 
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