Donald Trump is a Nazi…Here we go again (sigh) | The Daily Dose – 8/16/2017

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Donald Trump is a Nazi…Here we go again (sigh) | The Daily Dose – 8/16/2017



Trump deal with it

Everything Donald Trump says gets a frenzied reaction.

I swear. I’ve never seen anything like it. No matter what the man says, it’s the worst thing anyone has ever said. Ever.

Evidently pointing out the obvious and telling the truth fall into the category of ‘worst things ever said’.

At an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower yesterday, President Trump once again condemned white supremacy, Neo-Nazism, etc. He pointed out that the far-left (what he termed ‘the alt-left’) came to disrupt the Unite the Right rally and used force against rally attendees which was in turn met with force. He denounced violence coming from both sides.

Cue the media outrage machine.

Which of his statements were ‘Nazi-friendly’? Saying that he condemns Neo-Nazism? Saying that kind of hatred and violence have no place in America? Pointing out that the left-wing activists who showed up looking for a fight were also to blame for the violence is not absolving the alt-right, white supremacists, or Neo-Nazis in attendance.

What did he say that was ‘insane’?

His comments were not sympathetic to ‘Nazis’. Pointing out that left-wing activists showed up looking for a fight and they got one when they came face to face with the rally attendees is not expressing sympathy for Nazis – it’s stating an obvious fact that everyone seems intent on ignoring.

However, he should not have made an attempt to cover for the ideological motives behind those attending the Unite the Right rally. Announcing that ‘not all of those people were Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists’ comes off as an attempt to minimize the growing problem of the white identitarian movement within the right-wing. And it is a problem.

White identitarian movements such as those in the alt-right are nothing more than the reverse of the racial identity politics the left has been trafficking in for decades. Racial identity politics is a cancer on public discourse and is directly opposed to the Western system of values. It is a cancer that has steadily grown in the left of the American body politic for decades, and now it has metastasized to the right.

The cancer of identity politics is deadly to public debate, and Trump should not have seemingly given people at Unite the Right a pass. Trump is going to have to do a whole lot of convincing to get people (myself included) to believe that a large group of white men carrying torches chanting ‘blood and soil’ wasn’t a white nationalist/supremacist/Neo-Nazi based rally.

Charlottesville torches

Trump should have called this what it was and condemned it unequivocally.

Other than the ‘not all’ pass he appeared to give the Charlottesville rally attendees, Trump told the cold hard truth – an unpopular practice in the current social and political environment, and something utterly despised by the media. They control the public consciousness. They will write the script and you will say your lines.

Trump just won’t stick to the script, and the elitist authoritarians in the media don’t know how to handle him. I’m not sure anyone really does.

Donald Trump just doesn’t give a damn what the media thinks and, I must confess, I like that about him.


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Christopher Wilson of The Rebel Media analyzes Trump vs. The Press on the Charlottesville clash between the alt-right and ‘alt-left’.

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