Hammers, Nails, and Alt-Left Fairy Tales | The Daily Dose – 8/24/2017

The alt-left’s definition of ‘Nazi’ is purposefully broad and intentionally vague. Through constant accusations of racism and bigotry against their ideological opponents, they have created a fairy tale America in which bands of Nazis are marching through the land, cleverly disguised as Donald Trump supporters. The alt-left creates imaginary ‘Nazis’ to justify their own use of fascist tactics against anyone who opposes them.

Donald Trump is a Nazi…Here we go again (sigh) | The Daily Dose – 8/16/2017

At an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower yesterday, President Trump once again condemned white supremacy, Neo-Nazism, etc. He pointed out that the far-left (what he termed ‘the alt-left) came to disrupt the Unite the Right and used force against rally attendees. He denounced violence coming from both sides.
Cue the media outrage machine.