Freak Show Friday

Formulating Social Justice…

It’s official: Social Justice insanity has infected the entire academic system in the West, and the STEM fields are no exception. 

An article published Tuesday on reports that Teach for America has partnered with EdX to offer a course for math teachers entitled “Teaching Social Justice through Secondary Mathematics“. The course is intended to teach instructors how to incorporate social justice messages into their curriculum to raise students’ “awareness”.

The website asserts that “For centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool,” pointing specifically to IQ-based discrimination. Teachers will be advised of ways they can offset the historically oppressive nature of mathematics by framing lessons within a social justice context (Ex. “Unpaid Work Hours in the Home by Gender” and “Race and Imprisonment Rates in the United States.”)

The course developers further state that including social justice themes in courses will help make math more relevant and understandable to students as “setting the mathematics within a specially-developed social justice framework can help students realize the power and meaning of both the data and social justice concerns.”

Stupid is as stupid does…

Stupid is an “ableist slur”, stupid! 

According to an article published on the social justice blog Everyday Feminism, any use of the word “stupid” is to be taken as a hateful, “ableist” slur against people with disabilities (regardless of who or even what is being described).

“In my view, the fact that this word is a slur is self-evident,” says the writer of the piece, Jenny Crofton. She goes on to explain that the word shouldn’t be spoken by anyone because it is not only an insult (which is totally mean), but it’s also “ableist” as “it’s used to insult people with cognitive impairments, autism, Down syndrome, ADD, and other developmental disabilities.”

True to hyperbolic, intersectional feminist form, Crofton writes that use of the word stupid “harms and triggers disabled people, which can make it a source of mass psychological harm for an already marginalized group” and “creates and enforces systemic and institutional bias.” She even goes on to attempt to connect use of the term to sexual abuse of children.

Seriously. I’m not joking.

“The history of disability in our society is rife with injustices based on intelligence. . . . Children with intellectual disabilities are at extremely high risk for abuse, including sexual assault.”

To Crofton’s credit, by the end of the article, she gets to the real point : The regressive Left’s Orwellian agenda of destroying language to control our minds : “Just as we can’t shape a new society without fully deconstructing the old, we can’t liberate our minds without dismantling the ways we think and communicate.”


Transgender at 7?! 

It’s all about feelings…. 

The parents of seven-year old Mia “Jacob” Lemay say that she told them at the age of two that she was a boy. By the age of four, her parents decided to let their daughter live as a boy.

Does a child of two, or four, or seven  actually have the capacity to even understand their feelings on something like gender? According to today’s progressive medical community, of course!

“When kids are consistent, persistent, and insistent in a cross-gender identity — and wanting to be the other gender and wanting the other gender’s body parts or being very unhappy with the body parts they’re given — we consider those children very likely to go on and continue a transgender identity.”

Dr. Michelle Forcier, associate professor of pediatrics at Brown University School of Medicine.

You know, kids are “consistent”, “persistent”, and “insistent” about a lot of things that aren’t reality; Santa Claus, monsters in the closet, the belief that they are a super hero, a princess, etc. But, believing in something doesn’t make it so.

Fantasy and imagination are wonderful things. However, for parents to allow and encourage it to overrule their child’s, and their own, objective sense of reality is absurd! But, hey, feels before facts, right?

Note: This is not the first time “Jacob” has been in the international spotlight. Check out this article from 2015 


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