Freak Show Friday | 26 May 2017

Freak Show Friday | 26 May 2017

Freak Show Friday


The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas caused caused quite a stir on the internet  upon announcing a single-night, “Women’s Only Screening” of Warner Bros.’ upcoming film Wonder Woman, scheduled for release on June 2nd.

Wonder Woman

The event has sparked a fair amount of outrage on social media as many pointed out that it seemed a bit discriminatory to exclude men from the screening. However, others propose that female heroic leads are underrepresented in comics-based films, and therefore the girls should get a special night to themselves to bask in the silver screen glow of a feminist icon. Still others pointed out that Wonder Woman’s home world of Themyscira is populated by the all-female Amazons, therefore an all-female screening is perfectly acceptable.

Really? That’s like saying  it’s acceptable for theaters to force black employees to work for no pay during screenings of Django Unchained because the movie portrays a time when slavery was legal in the United States. Ugh….

Alamo Drafthouse has responded to the controversy with  more locations adding “Women’s Only’ screenings of the film to their upcoming event schedules.

My award for the most laughable response I’ve seen so far goes to Rolling Stone.  In a piece titled, “Why a Women’s-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening That Sparked Male Outrage Is Absolutely Vital” , writer Rachel Vorona Cote implores us to recognize that Wonder Woman is “a glimmering chasm in heteronormative masculinity’s grasp on heroic narratives” and an all-women screening teaches “young girls that they are mighty” and is a “worthy endeavor”. As for the outrage and claims of sexism from many men online, “that’s all too expected, not to mention the product of gluttonous entitlement. Just as reverse racism is structurally impossible, so too is reverse sexism:”

Impossible, eh?

A recent feminist gesture involving DC’s Wonder Woman – one that notably causes male fans little to no inconvenience – has, predictably, infuriated many among their ranks. The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced Wednesday that the popular theater would host a screening of the superheroine’s debut film for women and women-identifying persons. Upon learning this news, droves of indignant men began broadcasting their displeasure across social media. Of course.

The first paragraph of Rachel Vorona Cote’s article

That’s not sexist at all, Rachel. It’s not totally drenched in condescension or oozing with your obvious disdain for men.

Question: Would this be sexist?

A recent men’s group’s gesture involving DC’s Batman vs. Superman – one that notably causes female fans little to no inconvenience – has, predictably, infuriated many among their ranks. The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced Wednesday that the popular theater would host a screening of the film for men and masculine-identifying persons. Upon learning this news, droves of indignant women began broadcasting their displeasure across social media. Of course.

Imagine for a moment if this fictional men’s-only event were actually real. I would still be writing about it, however I imagine the details of this story would be quite a bit different: “Alamo Drafthouse holds all-male film screening. Feminist SJWs across America grab their pussy hats and march in the streets demanding that Alamo close its doors while calling on government to protect women (who are strong and independent by the way) from the evil, heteronormative oppression of the Patriarchy.”

Okay. Maybe that’s a bit excessive, but you get the idea.

An inconceivable amount of outrage would erupt from every mainstream media outlet, social justice blog, and bedroom feminist YouTube channel. There would be demands for protests, boycotts, and possibly legal action against any public venue that would dare discriminate against women in such a way. Yet a discriminatory event like this is considered a “worthy endeavor” when men are on the receiving end of the discrimination.

According to Rolling Stone, there’s good reason for this obvious double-standard.

The piece addresses white, heteronormative men saying, “You cannot be discriminated against in a world that is made for you.”.  Strange how a world that’s organized “so as to buttress the power of white heterosexual men” seems to have no problem routinely discriminating against them. This women’s-only Wonder Woman screening is yet another example of that discrimination.

Buzzfeed is Gross – Period.

WATCH as BuzzFeed empowers women to be disgusting. (Warning: It's gross)

BuzzFeed never fails to provide us with a reason to vomit, and this recent video is no exception.

In today’s video, a young woman named Jennifer introduces her boyfriend, Steven, to her menstrual blood for the first time. The video begins with introductions followed by Jennifer complaining that she has to go in another room and “hide the bloody side of things” when menstruating, and Steven playing the “I’m a dumb guy who doesn’t understand periods” roll.

Afterward, Jennifer is told to excuse herself, remove her bloody pad, place it in a sealed bag, and bring it back to the table so Steven can examine it.

Seriously, BuzzFeed? Is this supposed to be advancing women in some way? Forcing men to look at menstrual blood is now considered a form of female empowerment? So, being inconsiderate and disgusting is what passes for empowerment by 3rd wave feminist standards? Is it any wonder that fewer and fewer women are identifying themselves as feminists?

I mean, why not just have her crap in a bag and throw it in front of that privileged, white male tyrant and demand he stare at it to atone for the collective sins of the “Patriarchy”?

The reason Jennifer should “hide the bloody side of things” is not because of sexism, as the video not-so-subtly suggests. Jennifer should hide it because gross things shouldn’t be paraded around in public, and items smeared with one’s bodily waste (of any kind) is one of those things. It’s not a sexist mandate; It’s common decency! I can’t believe I actually have to say this.



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