Hope in Hurricane Harvey | The Daily Dose – 8/28/2017

“I’m going to try to save some lives,” said the man from Texas City. He didn’t say black lives, or white lives, young lives, or old lives, rich lives, or poor lives – He just said lives. In times of tragedy, differences in worldview, political affiliation, and skin color never seem to matter. Those things disappear in the face of our shared sense of sympathy for one another’s adversity. It seems people somehow always rediscover their humanity in the midst of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. Amidst the violent turmoil of the storm, people made peace with one another.

New YouTube Content Restrictions Subject ‘Offensive’ Videos to Digital Exile| The Daily Dose – 8/25/2017

Under these new restrictions, ‘controversial’ content will be subjected to digital exile. If YouTube deems a video ‘offensive’ or ‘extremist’ in nature, it will all but cease to exist on the platform. Flagged videos will be placed in a limited state where they cannot be shared, liked, commented upon, or monitized – shoved into a memory hole and forgotten.

Hammers, Nails, and Alt-Left Fairy Tales | The Daily Dose – 8/24/2017

The alt-left’s definition of ‘Nazi’ is purposefully broad and intentionally vague. Through constant accusations of racism and bigotry against their ideological opponents, they have created a fairy tale America in which bands of Nazis are marching through the land, cleverly disguised as Donald Trump supporters. The alt-left creates imaginary ‘Nazis’ to justify their own use of fascist tactics against anyone who opposes them.