Charlottesville aftermath : Social justice bulls topple Confederate statue in Durham, NC | The Daily Dose – 8/15/2017

A bull-like stampede of social justice warriors toppled a statue of a confederate soldier which had stood outside the old courthouse on Main Street in Durham, NC for over 90 years.

Charlottesville : An Open Letter | The Daily Dose – 8/14/2017

While Americans are at war in the streets over largely manufactured grievances, the politically powerful and their allies in the media rub their hands with glee as America hangs herself in the noose they have slowly slipped around her neck.

Trump declares opioids a ‘national emergency’ | The Daily Dose – 8/10/2017

The mainstream media has spent years meticulously weaving the terrifying narrative of the ‘Opioid Crisis’.

It’s a dramatic tale that’s as packed with medicinal monsters as it’s hypothetical exam rooms are with pill poppers. With the ‘Opioid Crisis’, the media has constructed a devil out of selective details, while intentionally leaving gaping holes in the overall story.