Eclipsing Reality : The Great American Eclipse of 2017 | The Daily Dose – 8/21/2017

This morning, the sun rose above a disillusioned and demoralized America; a nation divided. After almost two decades of war, a rapidly changing social landscape, and the deep wounds inflicted on the body politic during the last election cycle, Americans are desperate for a distraction from the darkness enveloping the spirit of the nation.


Democrat Reps. attempt Trump censure for Charlottesville comments. Hey, Democrats: Censure yourselves | The Daily Dose – 8/17/2017

The progressive left preys on minority fears as a means of gaining political power. They have worked for years to convince the nation that the corpse of America’s KKK past has risen from her cultural crypt to menace minorities in the present. Progressive politicians, with the enthusiastic assistance of the media, have painted America a terrifyingly racist landscape crawling with bands of bigots out for blood; and on this blood soaked canvas, all the devils are painted white.

When people are frightened they’re easier to control, and that’s exactly what the far-left is doing to America’s minority communities, controlling them through fear.